My Dad’s TED Talk – “Life Lessons for Realizing your Potential”

Great talk by my father GP Singh on realizing your personal potential. A truly inspiring and profound man.

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Protected: Happy Mothers Day to My Amazing Mother

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Closer – Raj Singh ft. Eligh

I figured it’s been a while since I last left you guys with something to check out, so… check this out. This song is inspired by Goapele’s “Closer” so you’ll hear some R&B influence intertwined with ambient instrumental.

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Nobody “Likes” her Husband

While browsing my new sister-in-law’s wall on Facebook, I noticed something very interesting. Several people are genuinely happy that she is no longer engaged… apparently nobody “likes” the fact that she married my brother. I find this very hilarious. Well, Darsh. I still “like” you. See below:

So obviously I wanted to throw in my 2 cents…

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Do I walk or do I stop!?

I was walking down 8th avenue near Times Square the other day when I came across this sign. It was rather confusing and, for a person like me who can’t think for himself, I was on the verge of crying:

I was in shock. I didn’t know how to react. So what did I do? I took a picture of it seeking advice by posting the scary picture on Facebook. Here are some of my favorites of your reactions:

Brilliant responses as you can see. I sat thinking of ways I could develop a new dance craze called “The Walk Stop (AYYY).” The lyrics went a little something like this:

Do the Walk Stop (AYYY)
Do the Walk Stop (WHAT)
Do the Walk Stop (AYYY)
Do the Walk Stop (AYYY)

Now go on and walk with your feet then stop
All my party people (AYYY) do the Walk Stop

—End song—

I also thought of how appropriate it would be to slap the next white person I saw. Why is that appropriate? “Why isn’t it appropriate?” I responded.

Back to my original point about how I was so shocked… (HOW SHOCKED WERE YOU?!) I was so shocked that Lucky actually nailed it right on the head (imagine a hammer hitting the head of a nail… in case you don’t know what a metaphor is). He asked me:

And I only had one response. Yes. It’s now daylight and I’m still standing at this crosswalk, completely unsure of whether I should Do the Walk Stop (AYYY), the Robot, slap the next white person, or what I’ve been doing… discontinue walking out of uncertainty.

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World wonders if author has life, brain

One time I saw this girl on a ladder staring in my direction. She fell for me.

The other day I sat in Mabee Dining Hall taking a survey on how many people actually read my column. I just wanted to feel good about myself, you know? Unfortunately, I started sweating. Not out of nervousness as most of you are likely to assume. But because I was hot. And no, I’m not talking about my physical attraction as most of you are yet again likely to assume (bcuz im obvvi realz hot n u aint cuz u not).

By the way, stop assuming. You know why? Because you make an ass out of yourself. Get it?! HAHAHA. I tricked you.

Anyway, as I was sitting there sweating trying to figure out how many pretzels would fit into a teriyaki bowl, a giant bird flew in to Mabee and began to cool me down. Amidst the mental chaos of self appreciation and the San Antonio heat, it was then that I realized that it is a peacock that is my biggest fan. Punned it.

I had actually seen this bird before at the Trinity Chapel. I guess you could say it was a bird of pray. Religion is funny.

So I’m sitting there being fanned by this peacock when all of a sudden the building starts shaking beneath me. I’m thinking to myself, is this Swine Flu? No. It was an earthquake. An earthquake? In San Antonio? Well it was out of any human’s control so this one was definitely the Earth’s fault.

Speaking of faults, did anyone watch that intense tennis match last week? I didn’t. I don’t even know if there was one. I just wanted to use faults as a transition into tennis so I could make a pun about it. Caryn Jack (tennis extraordinaire) is such a great tennis player. I bet she’d make a great waitress!

Avid “Rajer That” Enthusiasts: Why, Raj!?

Rajer That Him/Herself: Because I bet her serving skills are remarkable!

Oh, Caryn Jack. Remember when her name was only two letters away from Car Jack? That’s why I’m friends with her. And probably the only reason I would ever be friends with her. I’m sorry for insulting you. You can sue me if you’d like. I guess you could say that the ball is in your court. While we’re making bad tennis puns, let me just tell you that I actually love you Caryn. But since you’re a tennis player, love probably means nothing you.

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